Thursday, October 1, 2009

what a deal!

i know i've said before that this is a small town. everyone knows everyone, except when the tourists are here and we're out numbered. you think you know every little corner and rock, and then something bites you on the butt and you realize maybe you've been asleep.

i was on my way to burpee's after school yesterday. it's on main street, right across from the newspaper office. i was also thinking about dropping in to see miss shumway, the lady that runs the paper, to find out if she needed anyone to deliver on the weekend.

something made me go into a place i've never been inside before. mom calls it an emporium galorium, whatever that is. sounds like something in a roald dahl story. anyway, its real name is "mill new & used books" and i always thought it was a dirty bookstore because the window is covered in dirt, and because of the pictures on the covers of the books in the window. all these ladies in tight dresses with their h00ters hanging out, and guys who look like they're only wearing underwear,  waving swords. mostly i think it was the sign, though. GET THE HOTS FOR DARK PLOTS. sounds kinda hinky.

turns out, it's a great place, a gold mine. there's a whole shelf full of used stephen king books, and other awesome things, too. i got carrie and the talisman for less than i would have paid for just one book at burpee's. i felt almost like i was stealing them, they were so cheap. i'm going to go be visiting that place a lot from now on!! i was so excited, i forgot to go see miss shumway.


  1. LUCKY! Man, the last book I got from him cost me 35 bucks, 'Just After Sunset', but it was one heck of a buy, his short stories blow me away!

    Hey man! Are you gonna be getting his new book later this fall? It's supposed to be mad crazy man, about some city called like Crester's Hill getting trapped under this cage thing!

    haha! I dont know about you but I would deffinitely kill myself, or help someone knew a way out!

    But the pricing is mad crazy man! You thinking about buying it Joe?

  2. I live in Gibsonton, Florida. Gibtown to the yokels down here...and I sometimes feel like I LIVE in a Stephen King novel. I read all of his. My favorites are the Dark Tower series. I've read them each a dozen times and can nearly recite them verbatim. My husband thinks I'm crazy. But what does he know!? He wouldn't know a Stephen King novel if I took all 1100-plus pages of The Stand, dropped it in a pillow case, and whacked him in the side of the head with it.
    By the way, what are you doing blogging when you should have your face buried 300 pages into the Talisman by now! Get reading, boy.

  3. You are an interesting character. So interesting, it's ominous...