Saturday, October 31, 2009


hey there, doods and doodettes! happy hollow weenie! it's cold and raining--outside the dome. in here, it's nice enough, though seeing all that rain dripping off the sky around us is mondo weirdo. the force field is getting a little bit grotty. i guess there's some pollution getting it dirty like the windows my dad made me wash a few weeks ago. man, that seems like forever ago. anyhow, you can see where the rain hits and runs off. it leaves streaks in the sky. seriously, majorly weird sh!t.

the upside -- the halloween party in the commons can't get rained out. we're lucky that romeo burpee ordered his halloween supplies early this year. either that or he's dragging stuff out of the warehouse from last year. e-yew if that's right. stuff'll probably end up being stale.

anyhow, that's only part of the fun. people are cooking up stuff and bringing it like a big pot luck dinner and everyone's supposed to get in costume, even my mom. she said that big jim rennie should come dressed up like the devil, except that wouldn't really be a costume. i don't know the whole story there, but she doesn't like our famous used car salesman all that much.

pete freeman from the democrat will probably be taking pictures for the next special edition. guess they're all special these days.

it's been ten whole days since we got trapped and we're no closer to getting out of here than we were on day one. i don't think everyone's heart is in having a party tonight, especially not one with ghosts and witches and other scary things. lots of people are starting to wonder what will happen to us if we don't get out of here in a week, or two, or three. what happens when we start running out of important things? it could get bad. it's a little bit like that book we read in school, lord of the flies. will we start dividing up into groups of us vs them?

scary thoughts for a halloween afternoon. time to forget about all that and go have a good time. i can't wait to see what norrie dresses up like. lately i've been having different thoughts about her. she's not just one of the boys any more, if you know what i mean. i get nervous when i talk to her. i think what it might be like to kiss her, and that's never happened before. everything's turning upside down. i don't think the world will ever be the same again, even if we get out of here.


  1. Well I hope you guys have a great party. Hey, why don't you get your camera and take some pics to share with us! It might be fun and take your mind off things a bit. You could add a page to your school's website with the photos. Like a page for "school's out" activities or something...

  2. I agree with Snowflake, have fun and post pics.
    Who's in charge in town, and do they have the confidence of the townspeople?
    Have you wondered whether whoever is responsible for the dome may have 'planted' someone in your town to keep an eye on you and report back to them? Or am I just being paranoidish?

  3. i don't really know much about the way things are run in town. there are three selectsman -- one of them's a lady, though.

    barbie -- he's the military dood who's been flipping burgers at sweetbriar rose -- thought there might be someone in town who's responsible for the dome, too. i want to help him investigate that. maybe next week. he's a smart dood. sort of like james bond, except not quite so dapper.

  4. Enjoy Halloween man. Sounds like it may be time to start planning for the long haul. Figure out who you can rely on to stand by your side if anything bad should go down...

  5. Not sure putting pics on the school's site will work, seems only the front page/portal is accessible while the links to all other pages from there are dead-ends. Someone doesn't want outsiders to get to detailed look inside?

    You know, with girls at your age - you lose em' as just another one of the gang and re-discovered them as so much more (for better and worse). Just another variable to make the world more diverse. Just watch out for the differences that divide - people start putting others into different categories, like little sections of their mental world-map. And then when the going gets rough their world cracks apart like the ground in an eart quake. Little "us" and "them" sections all adrift and detache.

    Nope, dome or no dome - your world will never be the same again, gonna be filled with whole new categories people will fall into and try to place you into. Suppose the inside and outside the dome is kind of symbolic.
    But the one of girls and boys becoming Girls and Boys will be a major fault-line in the break between before and after.

    Sorry for the crack-pot speeches - I have the swine-flu and feel too well to be in bed but too sick to do much else than not be in bed. Nothing worse than a bored psychology major on robitussin

    Happy Weenie to u2

  6. Hey, Joe. Glad to see that you're still upbeat in the face of crisis. Have any of you scouted out the sewers in your town? Could you slip under the dome?
    On a light note, did you see the moon tonight? On Halloween of all nights. Gorgeous. I'll bet if was a sight.
    You know, it's weird, Joe. The news just isn't covering all of this. The government, the media, they are intentionally trying to cover this whole thing up.
    It's great, what you're doing. You're a rebel with a cause. Way to go, Joe!