Wednesday, October 21, 2009

we're cut off!

i "went to visit" my best friend, benny drake tonight. (strangest thing -- at the same time, benny "came over to visit" me. works every time!) that gave us about an hour to snoop around town. it's not that big a town, so an hour is plenty.

people are still running around like decapitated chickens. it's the weirdest thing. seriously, like something off fringe. there's this wacked out force field surrounding chester's mill. some people are calling it a dome, but that's not right, because it's shaped the same as town. like a boot. no telling how far up it goes. far enough to knock a plane out of the sky. that's what they're saying, anyway. and that someone's pacemaker blew up, too, when he got close to the force field.

we eavesdropped on grown-ups as much as possible, but then deputy randolph chased us away. we didn't want to get in trouble with our folks, so we went home.

mom was finally able to get through to dad. he's stuck in a motel in oxford. no one can get in or out of town. we heard that a bunch of people were killed when this force field happened. some of them were cut in half, they're saying. yuck! no one can explain what's happening. i heard someone say they thought invaders from outer space were responsible. someone else said it was the government. ours or someone else's. who knows?

i'm not sure we're going to have school tomorrow. the power is still out. what a mess. hopefully mom will let us go exploring more tomorrow. what i wouldn't give to be the person who figured out what's going on. i'd be a hero!


  1. Keep us posted... Thank God you still have an internet connection!

  2. At least you won't know when the Yankee's win the AL Pennant and the World Series.............Ummmmm 40? Pennants and 26 World Championships? I'm not sure.....I lose count......LOL LOL

  3. what you really have to ask, why such a small town like chester's mill? why not a bigger city like new york?