Friday, October 16, 2009

it's almost here!

halloween, that is. two weeks from tomorrow. can't wait. i'm thinking of putting something together from one of brian k. vaughan's graphic novels. as far as i'm concerned, he's got major chops. maybe i can work on that this weekend. i also want to get my report on carrie finished, too. love to cross things off that list that i keep in my mind.

don't tell my mom, but i went into mill new and used books on main street last night and checked out the new issue of playboy. well, i didn't get very far, because it's wrapped in plastic and mr. towle, the guy who runs the place, kept giving me the stink eye. gotta figure out how to get a copy. maybe i can order one over the internet. of course, if it just showed up in the mailbox, i'd have some explaining to do. sometimes being thirteen sucks.


  1. Maybe you can bribe your uncle or someone into purchasing you a copy. I gotta get my hands on one too.

  2. lol i never woulda though i would want a playboy but after seeing the cover and who all is the mag and all i'm strongly considering it, or maybe i'll have my fiance' get it for me.

  3. Hey, if you need help with that Carrie report, let me know. I'm an authority on the subject. I grew up under the guidance of a mother who is eerily similar to Carrie's mom. I'm not kidding, either. It's amazing that I turned out so well-adjusted.