Monday, October 26, 2009

this is why we have to fight THE MAN

doods! i'm back. hopefully for good, but u never know for sure.

we had our big protest out by the edge of town on saturday afternoon. it was a he-yuge success. i think almost everyone still in town was there. we had signs up all over main street -- not cheapo looking crap, either. pro jobs, if i do say so myself. people are frustrated, afraid and angry, and this demonstration gave everyone a chance to have his or her say. we were hoping there would be someone on the other side (we were hoping for wolf blitzer or anderson cooper or people from town like my dad) but it was just military doods who kept their backs to us the whole time. i know they could hear us. whatever this force field is, it lets some things through, but only a little. they pretended like we weren't there, but i know they heard us, and maybe one or two of 'em went home and wrote about it on facebook or on their blogs. that's what i hope.

romeo burpee had his big tent set up in dinsmore's field, selling hot dogs and lemonade. he said it was the biggest damn cookout and field-day this town has ever seen. there were a few religious types yelling out that this was the end of times and that were all paying for our sins. the same kinda sh-- that's always blaring out on wcik.

we could probably have charged people for our signs (dinsmore charged people to park!) but we just gave 'em away and i was proud to see people waving our placards. LET US OUT, DAMMIT was the most popular by far! some people brought their own signs, too.

norrie made up some chants and we handed out sheets and we all yelled them at the guards. someone, somewhere musta heard us. it was like fair day in fryeburg, except for the circumstances. people blew off some steam. the church folk sang hymns. there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but of course it could'a rained and it wouldn't have mattered to us. at the end of the day, we all went home, tired but feeling like we did the best we could.

i guess THE MAN wasn't happy with our little protest, though, because the internet was cut off when we got home. b@st@rds! goes to show that it's probably them who are keeping our phone calls from going out, too. makes me wonder if they aren't somehow responsible for this after all. benny thinks it martians or lectroids from the eighth dimension, but i dunno.

of course, without the internet, i couldn't even see tweets about the game last night, and the yankees won. double b@st@rds! if i'd been able to follow the game, maybe things would have turned out differently. like the butterfly effect, you know?

anyhow, we're back for the time being, same as we were last week. hanging in there, but this is getting old. i miss my dad, and even a trip down to lewiston or oxford hills sounds like fun. chester's mill used to seem huge, but now it seems like a tiny little place. like a jail.


  1. Holy shit dude, I can't even imagine...

  2. Hi Joe,

    Good to see you're fighting against it. You rock!

    See you on twitter.

    Hans Wilhelm von Wirth
    alias hwvw

  3. Glad to hear that things went well at the protest.

    I had a thought the other day... have any of you tried to dig your way out of the force field? Does it go underground too? How thick do you think it is?

  4. Hey Joe,

    Stay safe and frosty! Use your head and smarts to get through this. Team up with your friends, like Norrie, who might have great ideas, too. I don't want to sound like an alarmist but does your family have any weapons in the house? Keep us posted.

  5. look at the bright side, You have plenty of time to read some KING!

  6. Scarecrow Joe I have a funny feeling that you need to stay away from Big Jim Rennie and his sone Jim Rennie Jr. I have a feeling that they might be dangerous and even might try to kill you.

  7. the used car salesdood? that's pretty funny.

  8. Hi Joe. I just found your blog today, and have read every entry. (And I LOVE the hints/clues/hidden messages!) I also like what you've done with your school website. But I have a question, who took the photo's of the "fall foilage" on your town's site? They are so pretty. I also noticed there was one that didn't get used, (#10)... I wonder why. It's lovely. Anyway, stay safe and keep in touch.

  9. the only shutterbug i know is pete freeman, who takes pix for the chester's mill democrat. but people are always taking pix of the leaves around here. they come from miles away. i don't know why one of the pictures wasn't used -- steve raconteur is the webmaster for most of the town's sites.

    glad you're having fun with the hidden messages. i'll try to get back to that soon.

  10. Hi ScJ I got here after surfing for now (ex-) member scarecrowjoe(I'm katharsis on DA btw)
    Don't b2 overt with the covert or your (only?) line out(and in?) might b cut again. That drop after the protests seemed very conveniently timed(as gentle squeeze?).
    Anything I can do?

  11. you got that right, dood. you just know THE MAN is listening and if we get out of line they'll cut us off completely. that would suck.