Monday, October 5, 2009

fun and games

i got a chance to work with steve raconteur last week. seriously rad dood. he works on web sites all over town and when i told him my idea, you know, the one i mentioned a while back, he thought it rawked and he said he could help me out. some of his ideas are toxic. look out world -- nothing is exactly what it seems. that's what my uncle chuck says, anyway.

i had to laugh at that part in carrie where the principal talks about the "mortimer snerds" in school. guess they had people like that even way back in the 1970s. people call me the king of the geeks, but i don't mind. i'm pretty good with computers and gadgets, and i have a way of making connections between things. you know, links from one thing to another. sometimes it's all about figuring out what information is important and what to do with it. it's totally rad when something like that comes together.

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  1. Joe, there's a difference between a Mortimer Snerd geek and a techi-compu-geek. I should know. I'm married to a living, breathing version of Edgar Bergen's dummy. Speaking of...did you know that Stephen King's doing an Under the Dome tour? He's going to be just south of where I live in Sarasota in the middle of November. I'm dying to go. Wouldn't you know that I can't find that darn ventriloquist's string on the back of my husband's neck that I can pull to help him mouth the words, "Yes, Marge, I'd love to take you to see Stephen King." I'm sure in your neck of the woods, Stephen King does appearances all of the time. You should check into it.