Wednesday, September 30, 2009

world series -- here we come

okay, so we didn't win yesterday, but we still managed a wild card position. thank you los angeles. you were our angels! i think i see another world series in the future for the red sox.

i got away from school too late last night to get to burpee's, so i have to wait until tonight to get my copy of carrie. major bummer.

anyone here speak a second language? i know some of you must, since you come from different countries. must be weird, having english as a second language. i'm taking french, which only makes sense since we're so close to the canadian border. i was hoping my teacher would give us some good curse words to yell at those blue jays, but he's a little uptight about stuff like that. i know a couple, but they don't make much sense to me. they sound real good when you say them loud enough, though.

people are asking me what i'm going to do for the christmas talent competition this year. already. i'm, like, doods, it's not even halloween yet. i won second place last year, so i've gotta bring my a game next time.


  1. I'm a Spanish Teacher, so hopefully that means I can speak Spanish.

  2. sorry dude u taking french translate this:

    Les Yankees de nouveau ordonneront et gagneront la série du monde…. espérez se réunir dans le 2ème rond, série de champion, le sox tombera à l'univers ! ; -)

  3. Well, yes, kind of. In school I learned Latin and French - both as good as forgotten by now. My learning English started before we had lessons in school (5th grade), because most of my playground buddies were kids from American families, back then stationd in Germany in order to protect us from all evil (the Russian Bear was ALL evil).

    Believe it or not: Whatever is left of my Latin still helps me understand unknown words from several languages.

    Oh, by the way: A nice french word is MERDE - go ask your teacher what it means.

  4. @rjt: i understand that completely. let me translate for everyone else. he said, "the yankees are a big pile of garbage and will never see another world series. they don't even have a prayer of making it to the second round, and the sox will tumble everyone else and become the world champions."

    that's what you said, right? ;)

  5. @gunter: oh, i know that one. you're trying to get me in trouble, aren't you?

  6. haha no jo nooooo hey who won 1st place in the AL east? best record? -- shh that will let u know who will win!


  7. rjt, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it's going to be Red Sox vs. Phillies in the Series. Clash of the titans. Big Papi and Ryan Howard. Imagine the Chuck Taylors that will go on at first base between those two. Btw Joe, enjoy Carrie. Good book.