Tuesday, October 13, 2009

18 more days!

so, now that baseball season is officially over (it is -- don't try to change my mind or tell me that there are still some teams playing -- it's over) and even the patriots lost this weekend, let's talk about something more important.


and it's on a saturday night this year, which means the sky's the limit. start early, end late, spend all day sunday recovering. it's already getting cold at night, so whatever i dress up as, it's gotta be warm. can you believe it's going to be down in the 20s this week? my dad says that some years it snows before halloween, but i can't remember anything like that.

my homie benny says he wants to go as a transformer, and he's got all these tricked-out designs for something that looks like it'll take a gazillion dollars to make and it probably won't work anyway. that's benny. big dreams but a little short on the execution. he'll probably pull a pillowcase over his head at the last minute. i told him he should go as a character from his favorite web site, but he'd probably end up in jail if he did that. indecent exposure, dig?

i'm almost to the end of carrie. holy moly, what a prom. if mine's anything like that one, i'm gonna make other plans for that day. i'm at the point where she just got back to the house and is talking to her "momma."


  1. Carrie creeped the bejeezus out of me in sort of a gotta-scrub-myself-with-a-brillo-pad way by the time I finished it. Brilliant for a first-out novel from King. If you like that one, keep reading...didn't you say you got the Talisman, too? Time to get started on that one. You're gonna love it!

  2. Dude really!!! The Yankees are in the ALCS baseball is still happening!!!! Come over to the "Dark" side, Luke!!! Join the "Evil Empire" LOL LOL LOL