Tuesday, October 6, 2009

go down 19, initially

had no idea carrie was going have so much sex and swearing!
every chapter. i've learning several new words, though a
lot of them i won't be able to use except around my
pal benny.

carrie is a weird chick, but i sorta understand
how she turned out that way. i mean, other kids think she's
ugly and they're mean to her all the time and she's got this
crazy mom who puts her in the closet. whoa. one girl is
kinda nice to her, but even she is mean sometimes.

gotta finish the book in the next week or so if i
expect to get my paper in on time. i have until just before
thanksgiving, but it's extra credit so i need to fit it in with
all my other work.

julia shumway heard (love that small town gossip!) that i was
on the prowl for a job, so she asked me to drop
by the democrat office after school. stay tuned!


  1. Good luck with it. You have a way with words that I'm sure the editors and readers can appreciate.

  2. ...And I'd be glad to help your Uncle Chuck look for a job if he wants.

  3. And how are we supposed to help him?

  4. oh, i think you could figure out a way...