Thursday, October 22, 2009

the force is with us

so far, the wifi network is staying up, so we can communicate with people. phones aren't working all that well. in town, everything's okay, but calls to anywhere outside chester's mill get dropped or don't go through. my dad is using a computer at the motel down in oxford hills to stay in touch with us. he said he was turned back by some guys in a military truck when he tried to come home.

still no power. the folks next door have a humungo generator and they let us tap a line into it to run the fridge so our food won't go bad. i know the number one thing on dad's to-do list when he gets back home. no more putting off getting a generator. there were a few at burpees, but they're all gone now. i hear there's lots of propane for the town's generators -- for the hospital and stuff like that. we have a gas stove for camping so we can cook food. cold water in the shower, though. brrr-friggin'-rrrr!

lots of activity over at the hospital, which is just around the bend from us. school was canceled but the math teacher e-mailed us homework. can you believe that?! dood, chillax. we can survive a day without algebra problems!

i've been doing some research into force fields. no one really knows what this "dome" is made of, but it makes sense that it has something to do with energy. i wanna get close to it so i can check it out, but mom doesn't want me to. we'll see. benny and i are gonna sneak off after lunch, i think. anyhow, it seems like there has been lots of research into force fields. the ones i read about use plasma and electrostatics. that means there must be power somewhere. all i have to do is find it, turn it off, and voila! problem solved. of course, if the power source is outside chester's mill, well...

biggest question: who's the dood behind all this? i'm sure people in town are pointing at each other, and the tinfoil hat gang is having a field day with their conspiracy theories. there were a bunch of people down at the food mart going on about how it was the government. in a way, they make sense. could be a military experiment gone bad, like in that movie the mist.


  1. Not knowing happens when an object contacts the forcefield, who will reach out their hand first, you or Benny? Or will you toss a rock at it, or poke it with a stick?
    You're clever, SJ, so don't get dopey today!

  2. i think i'll be a real scientist and, um, make observations while someone else performs the experiments. howzat sound?

    (my mom would kill me if i tried to touch the "dome." kill me dead. no foolin')

  3. it has to be electric or magnetic if its causing pacemakers to stop.