Thursday, October 15, 2009


i don't really understand all the different kinds of cops there are. on tv, you have constables and lieutenants and sheriffs and deputies and detectives, and i'm probably leaving a bunch out. state troopers. there's one. i guess every department has its own way of doing things. here in chesters mill, we have chief perkins (everyone calls him duke) and a deputy chief, but everyone else is just an officer. no rank, no fancy title, just officer.

castle county has a sheriff, which i think would be cool. like in the old west. my dad doesn't like chief perkins. says he's getting a little long in the tooth for the job, which i guess means old. dad says his ticker isn't up to a high speed chase on tv let alone taking part in one. not that we ever have high speed chases around here.

my uncle chuck got a few calls from the cmpd. apparently he's been applying for the vacant position. a lot! a guess people are trying to help him out with his job search. some of the applications didn't get all of his details right, but i guess people have big hearts and just want to help out. it's almost like starting a petition. if uncle chuck applies a bunch of times, maybe they'll just give him the job? whatcha think?

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