Thursday, October 29, 2009

it seemed like a good idea at the time

first off, let me say that it wasn't my idea. seriously. it did sound like a good idea at the time. boy, was i wrong!

my homies and i got together last night to deliver the democrat. we all have baskets on our bikes, except norrie just has a carrier, but it works. after we picked up the papers from miz shumway we went off to the town common to plan our strategy.

that was when norrie pulled out the cigarettes. they belonged to her dad. apparently he quit a year or two ago, and she found them in the closet. they were all bent and croggled and stale, and there was even dust on the package, but we thought they'd be okay.

it was benny who said that we'd be like indians doing a ceremony to ask the gods for support before we went to work. see. not my idea at all. norrie said she didn't pray to god, but she'd pray to her favorite goddess: wonder woman. benny teased her about that, saying he would pray to gi joe. what a maroon!

norrie was the one who lit the cigarettes, too. i stopped her when she tried to light benny's, because three on a match is bad luck. not that i'm superstitious, but with the weird sh!t that's been happening around here, you can't be too careful.

who ever thought smoking was a good idea? i just don't get it. the stuff tasted like stale panther sh!t. it made me woozy and queasy and i almost passed out. passing out in norrie's lap, that might have been okay, but still def not cool. norrie looked totally awesome with a cigarette in her mouth, almost grown up. but we all decided afterwards that it had been a bad idea.

chalk it up to a failed experiment, like a science fair idea gone bad. good thing no one caught us. my mom would have grounded me until new years if she found out. of course, it's sorta like the whole town is grounded right now.

the only good thing that happened yesterday was the baseball game, and i couldn't even see that. it was just so awesome to hear that the yankees went down in flames. i was even thinking about using that as my halloween costume. a new york yankee with fake flames stuck all over him. ha!


  1. SCJ, Man Kid...dont makes you look stupid (which I know your not), & makes your breath stink (girls wont want to kiss you). Take my word for it, if you start smoking( I did, & at about your age too) it will be the worst choice of your life. I'm still trying to quit. 20-some odd years later. Hope life keeps you well. Thankee-sai

  2. hey Joe since i am sure u have a red sox uniform and they got booted out of first by said yankees (lost last 9 of 10 to them) and than Angels swept em--- blowing lead in teh 9th last game--

    wouldn't the flaming sox jesey make more sense? ;-)

    just saying bwahahahahah Go Yanks!!!

  3. Anyone in there you know how is not from town but on visit? Bet they have ppl on the outside missing them. Sorry if I but i and I don't know the full story yet. I really stumbled in by mistake (see my previous comment)

  4. yeah, there are a few leaf peepers who got stuck in town.

  5. I'm glad your first experiment with them was a bad one. Don't smoke!

  6. "Homies"?!
    Jeez, that's a term I haven't heard for quite some time - and that is even though I live in the state known(and ridiculed) for proliferation and invention of slang (characteristic slang in California is actually described as a defining attribute of West Coast "dialect" when I Googled dialects in North America. I was trying to learn Brooklyneese and ended up realizing that Bill and Ted had been agents of Californian attempts at linguistic world conquering).

    BTW, love New England dialect too..Never understood why waste so much energy on those R:s anyway (-;

    Happy Halloween, Joe, and keep up the fight - as one person in a big world it is hard to make much of a noticeable difference, but in a closed-up small town everything you do can make a huge difference. The scheme of things sort of get smaller. Just watch out for those other who realize that as well, and take advantage of it for the worst of reasons and in the worsts of ways....

  7. Hey Joe? Do you happen to know who won the World Series this year and is now the World Champion of Baseball?

    Oh Yeah.........THE N.Y. YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!