Friday, October 23, 2009

the angels are with us

ok, first things first -- yay angels! thx to twitter, i was able to follow along with the game fairly well, at least the scores, and dood, you guys rocked. almost stopped my heart a coupla times, but yay! i smell comeback.

everything's pretty much the same around here today. it doesn't even seem like a friday. no school again, of course. math teacher's still sending out homework assignments, though. dood, chillax!

miss shumway's decided to publish the newspaper tonight. special edition. woohoo! usually the paper is printed down in castle rock and shipped back up here. she could still get it printed down there. she just sends 'em the files over the net, but there's no way to get the papers back into town. major bummer. she says she's going to crank it out on the industrial strength machines she has in the news office. my posse and i are going to deliver it first thing tomorrow.

she doesn't know this yet, and i doubt she's spending much time reading my little blog here with all the other sh-- going on, but she's going to have some more news to cover tomorrow. we're organizing a demonstration for tomorrow out on route 119 in the big field next to where the dome / force field cuts the road. we're gonna put up signs all over town and send out e-mails and get everyone out there. try to get some people to come from the other side, too, so they can see us. we're gonna make picket signs that should keep everyone happy, even the tinfoil hat doods. STOP THE EXPERIMENTS and FREE CHESTER'S MILL and stuff like that.

norrie came up with a great idea, too. she said the best way to get people out there was to have food. romeo burpee, the guy who runs burpees, said he'd set up his big tent, the one he uses for his summer blowout sale, and sell hot dogs and drinks. it'll seem like a picnic but it'll actually be a protest. totally rad, huh?

tomorrow's gonna be a busy day!


  1. Comeback nada---- enjoy the demise game 6 or 7 whatever -bye bye angels--- lucky they won 2 games....

    so u going exploring? Poke the dome!!!

  2. Keep us poted on how that turns out!

  3. Be really careful when you deliver the papers, Joe. People do crazy things when they get cooped up. You seem to handle it well. I know I wouldn't. I've got some serious issues with claustrophobia. I'd probably be running, screaming up and down the streets of your town like a lunatic by now.

  4. Be aware of the crowd's mood at the protest, it could get ugly. Keep your eyes and ears open and be safe. A lot of people could be worried and anxious about the situation. But on the bright side, at least you'll get an idea of what your neighbors suspect about the source of the forcefield.