Wednesday, October 7, 2009

all the print that's news to fit

i stopped by the democrat office after school last night to talk to the editor, but she had to go cover some breaking news. a new pothole on main street or someone double dipping at sweetbriar rose. small towns are just a hotbed of activity, doncha know. always something happening. guess i'll have to try her again today.

my dad thinks it's pretty funny that the newspaper is called the democrat since ms shumway is most definitely not "of that persuasion," he sez. she's a cagey lady, tho. knows everything that goes on in town, even the stuff that doesn't make it into the paper.

here's one of the bad things about living in a small town. last year, i took part in the christmas talent competition. i did this dance routine to redneck woman by gretchen wilson. sort of a napoleon dynamite gig. real laid back. folks really dug it, and i came in second. my mom says i stole the show and should have won. i heard my dad say to my mom that it was because of town politics. "the fix was in," he said, probably because the guy who won, dougie twitchell, is the town's third selectman's brother. i dunno -- dood did a pretty good act, juggling and singing moon river at the same time.

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