Thursday, October 8, 2009

no job after all

i need to pay more attention to stuff around here. i was thinking i could deliver the chester's mill democrat on weekends but the paper only comes out on wednesdays. oops. ms shumway was tres cool about my goof, and showed me around her offices and explained how it all works. they don't print the paper there any more. she does all the layout on her computer and then transfers the files down to view printing in castle rock on tuesday night. the finished paper comes back up on wednesday morning. "just like magic," she said. so i guess people would be a little miffed if i didn't get around to delivering it until saturday. oh, well. she says that she might have some other things for me to do if i'm interested. we'll see. i told i'm pretty deadly with a computer, and she asked me if that was a good thing. hah!

she showed me the room where they used to print the paper. she still has this huge generator and a mega-big photocopier and a massive stack of paper. just in case, she said. she is attached to that newspaper like you wouldn't believe. even lives upstairs, with her old welsh corgi, horace. she told me she named the dog after the guy who said "go west, young man." gotta hit wiki to figure out who that is in case she quizzes me next time i see her!!

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