Tuesday, October 20, 2009

discordia? omg!

right after i started up the blog (back on september 10, if you wanna look it up), i wrote a little bit about args. you know, online games that people don't think of as games. ones where you're supposed to get into it, like it's real life, solve puzzles, figure stuff out.

well, it looks like the gang over at stephen king's website is going to do something like that at the end of november. it's called discordia and there's this kickin' awesome video trailer up on the main page right now. two whole minutes of some a-may-zing graphics.

i don't know much about the dark tower, which i guess is a series of books, so i don't get all the references -- the rose, sombra, stuff like that -- but if they do it right, you won't have to know. you can just play along. it has intrigue, and spies, and assassins, and this monster big gun with the funniest caption written next to it! check it out, doods -- it rocked my world.

makes the little fun i'm having around here (or really?) seem sorta lame.


  1. Thanks, SJ! I believe I caught a glimpse of Susannah in the Discordia clip! Just like I always imagined her. Next time you're between books and have some down time, you should slip into the unforgettable world of The Dark Tower.

  2. Hey Scarecrow Joe u catching the game tonight?
    bwahahahahaha 10-1 Yanks me thinks they will win tonight!! enjoy!!!

    How is the carrie report coming?

  3. Yeah, the dark tower is tops! but before you read that, you should check out The Stand. you may learn something about survival and dealing with a disaster in that one. Survival skills are always good to have, you never know when you might need them. If you are too busy read that thick of a book, pick up or rent the unabridged audio.

  4. The chick in the video I don't think was Susannah, I think it was probably Moses Carvers Granddaughter who is running the Tet Corp.

  5. Joe, make a few notes to yourself: Read the Dark Tower series. Then check out the graphic novel versions. Oh, speaking of graphic novel versions, the Talisman is going graphic. Check out: http://splashpage.mtv.com/2009/10/21/exclusive-first-look-at-stephen-kings-the-talisman-graphic-novel/
    MTV has a sneak-peek of the new series! Did you start reading the Talisman, yet? Is there anything more important than that in your 13-year-old life right now?!