Sunday, October 11, 2009

oh, it's that day

every year around this time, that day comes along. does everyone have one of those days? maybe it's only when you live in a small town that has harsh winters.

that day starts with dad saying, "i think it's time to get the yard ready for winter." time to crawl into a hole and hide. major bummer. i just know that i'm not going to get anywhere on my board, won't be shooting any hoops, won't be hanging out with my homies. what i'll be doing is working. hard. real hard.

yesterday was that day.

we have this big red shed in the back yard, next to the trees. my dad built it himself. it's sort of like a garage, except it doesn't have room for a car. when you roll up the door, what you see is stuff. lots and lots of stuff. our camper trailer, our little motorboat and trailer, gardening tools. stuff.

when that day comes along, it's time to swap stuff. stuff inside the shed comes out, and stuff outside goes in. the stuff that comes out includes the storm windows, which all have to be washed in soapy water and cleaned with windex and paper towels. then there's the shovels and plows and the snowblower, which all come out so they'll be the last things to go in. winter tires. the collapsible garage for the end of the driveway. except for the shovels, none of it is exactly light.

the stuff that goes in includes the picnic table, the swing set, the lawn mower, and all of the stuff that decorates our yard that could end up getting caught in the snowblower if we don't move it. again, none of it light.

because of my height (i'm 6'2", which explains the nickname) i get to help wash the windows on the house before we put on the storm windows. ugh. worst. job. ever. then i get to hold up the crosspieces on the collapsible garage while my dad screws them into place. the garage has a canvas roof, heavy like you wouldn't believe, and i get to nail it in all the way around, pulling it tight as i go. one year we had a big snowstorm and the collapsible garage lived up to its name. the roof collapsed and put a big dent in the roof of the car. it was a big joke around town. someone even used it in a skit in the talent show. sam's collapsible garage.

of course, getting everything to fit in the shed is like trying to solve a chinese puzzle. it'll only go in one way, and if we don't get it exactly right then we end up with something big left over and we have to start all over again.

boy, am i ever glad that's over and done with. at least until the snow is gone and we have to do the same thing all over again, except in reverse. today i'm so bushed i think i'm just going to hang out around the house, play around on the computer and read. tomorrow i'll hook up with my homies and let off some steam.

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  1. Well, if you never work hard, you never play hard, right?