Wednesday, October 14, 2009

social networking

what do you doods (and doodettes) use for social networking? how many tweeters and facebookers and myspacers? i've been thinking about signing up to one of them, but they seem like such time sucks and i have enough going on right now to keep me busy. my mom already gives a ----load of grief for the amount of time i spend on the pooter. i dunno. whatcha think?

finished carrie last night. made me decided one thing: i'm going to stay in middle school 4ever. either that or go straight to the end of high school and skip all of that stuff in between. prom's out, too. geez, what a nasty bunch of troglodytes. (neat word, huh? didn't even have to make it up. it's a little hard to say, but it types real easy!)

now i have to write about carrie. i have a few ideas of ways to approach it, but it's gotta be good. my teachers expect a lot from me, so i can't let 'em down.


  1. Use twitter or facebook. They are way easy to follow on my iPhone =) Suck it Trebeck!

  2. Did you identify with any particular character in Carrie?

  3. We have facebook and twitter, and enjoy following our friends there. We say, just do it when you have time!

    PS. Hi from the SKMB! (aka.malarabid)

  4. @michele -- neat question. i hadn't stopped to think about that. i guess i identify with sue snell, because she's basically good, and a good student, but also with tommy, because he's into sports. so, my answer is: tommy snell!

  5. Have you thought of Goodreads? You seem to be a bookish kind of guy. Goodreads is great for the wordsmith crowd. You strike me as a kid who could hang with a more intellectual internet crowd. Plus, you can join book-reading groups. I'm sure there's a group that would love to engage in a conversation about Carrie. Food for thought.

  6. Twitter FTW. Pros: You don't have to constantly approve friend requests and your interaction is virtually instantaneous. The search feature allows you to see who is talking about what and when - you can even see "trending" topics. Plus, on twitter you can auto post links to your blog with Con: 140 character limit per tweet.

    Twitter is by far much better than facebook (Except with facebook you can post pictures and crap - but, hey, you can do that on your blog.) Another thing, with facebook you can join "groups" and fan "pages". That stuff if just over-hyped in my opinion: tho it is symbolic and meaningful, rarely does it facilitate interesting interaction.

    And MySpace has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur, except for musicians, who find it useful to post songs on there. Really, MySpace is very byzantine and filled with flashy ads that will drive you nutso bonkers. Not recommended.

    ...Nice blog, Scarecrow Joe. Keep it up.