Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sent home from school

weird stuff going down, doods. don't have the whole story yet. the power went out just before lunch. the school has a killer generator but mr. allnut, the janitor, didn't have it ready yet. after a while, the assistant principal came to the door and waved my english teacher out into the hall. a bunch of teachers were having a big confab in the hallway. looked pretty serious, whatever it was. then they called us all into the gym for an assembly. no one said much, some sort of emergency, blah, blah, blah, and then they sent us all home a couple of hours early -- yay!

on the way home, i saw a lot of cop cars and fire trucks tearing around, so there must have been a big accident somewhere. no one's saying much -- at least not to us kids. the power seems to be out all over town, not just at the school. just about everyone has a generator, though. everyone except the mcclatchey family, that is. that's one of those things my dad is always saying he's going to get around to doing but never does. for a guy who's so anal about some things, he can be forgetful sometimes, too. winter will come, we'll have a big storm, the power will go out and then he'll remember what he said he was going to do.

you know the dad in that movie christmas story that they show on tv every year, over and over again? the one about ralphie and the toy rifle and the lamp that's shaped like a leg? my dad's a little bit like that guy. always entering contests to win valuable prizes. i guess that's where i got the idea to play around here on my blog. who knows? someone clever might win a valuable prize, too! and it won't be a leg lamp, either! i won't say what it is, but it's gonna be rad.

now that i have this extra time off from school, i'll have more time to chill and hide things on the web. so, stay tooned, doods. i have a pile of batteries for my laptop, so i'm not going anywhere. besides, mr. allnut will do right by me if i need a recharge -- i've helped him out before with computer stuff.

don't forget to check out my twitter account, too. it must be getting a lot of use today -- a few times i had trouble connecting to it. cell phones aren't working so great, so i'll have to use the web interface most of the time.

i'm off to see what i can find out about what's happening.


  1. Wow, dood, that sounds kind of weird. I hope everything is ok there. Glad you have back-up computer batteries!

  2. Scary stuff, man. I'm up for any challenge you want to throw our way :-)

  3. With the hurricanes that hit down my way in Central Florida, I know all too well about the generator thing. Hope you get your power back soon.

  4. Oh Crap! Brah, It sounds like you should stock up on can goods and water. I live in the south and we have to be prepared for stuff like this. You never know when the levees will fail and the president will go on vacation. spam sucks but it's better than eating fido.