Thursday, September 10, 2009


so i got the gig working on the school web site. i showed the guy in charge what i knew about html and php and javascript and flash and he seemed pretty impressed. it's easy money, and maybe i can do something, you know, subversive by hiding secret messages in the text. it'd be pretty cool if you read the first letter of each word in a sentence and it spelled out FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE or something like that. i have that on a sticker on my backpack. other kids seem to like it. or if you dragged the cursor over what looked like white space and there was a hidden message there.

i told the guy we should code in some sort of game to make the site more interesting, but he didn't seem cool with that idea. i was thinking of some sort of alternate reality game like i love bees, the one they did for halo 2. man, i wish i coulda gotten into that one when it was running but i was only like eight years old back then.

i wonder how hard it would be to set one of those things up. i'll bet bennie and i could do something that would be pretty cool. get norrie into it, too, if i can peel her off the skateboard. i'd need to come up with some really cool idea to get it started. maybe i'll even send some prizes to whoever finishes first ;)


  1. So, any updates on your gig? Keep us posted.

  2. i'm a little late into the blog but i couldnt help posting bout this, arg's (alternate reality games) are awesome,i didnt get to play i love bees. but i did participate in the games done for batman the dark knight movie. got some great stuff and it was actually done by the same company that did i love bees. they've done arg's for pirates, halo, batman, da vinci code, etc a very awesome job

  3. Haven't tried ARG but am willing to try.

  4. Halo is developed and sponsored by the US Army