Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hail caesar

the internet has been off a lot lately. i guess the military got nervous when they saw us all getting together for our halloween party on saturday. maybe they thought we were going to stage another protest. dratsabs! the whole world seems to be passing us by when we don't even have the 'net. can't talk to dad, can't follow the world series. sux big time.

the halloween party was a blast, but i don't have time to write more about that now. i will soon -- promise. the military has been doing some pretty freaky stuff outside the dome. bombs and missiles and all kinds of sh!t. so far, no joy. i've been hanging around a lot with this cool dood named dale barbara (barbie to his friends). he was in iraq, would you believe it, only to end up here in chester's mill, trapped like the rest of us. worst thing for him, he was on his way out of town the day the dome appeared. almost made it, too.

anyhow, gotta run because we're setting up a computer camera to monitor a military test and i'm helping out with the live feed to the rest of the town.

some doods from a place over in england called hodder and stoughton asked me if i would deliver a secret message for them. i figured, why not, though i can't make any sense out of it. if you've been playing along at home, you know the drill:

'Patm'l matm lfhdx?' Ptgwt tldxw lnwwxger, ihbgmbgz ghkmaxtlm, mhptkw 119. 'B whg'm dghp,' ax ltbw. 'Wbw fr fhmaxk-bg-etp ytkm?' Mabl vktvdxw abf ni tgw ax lmtkmxw etnzabgz. Ptgwt Wxuxv kxtebsxw lax atw ybgteer atw xghnza. Mabl vetkbybxw max phkew tgw axk ynmnkx bg t ptr matm ptl tefhlm ftzbvte. Lax ptl mnkgbgz mh abf, max phkwl B ptgm t wbohkvx hg max mbi


  1. Wanda's ready to get a divorce, huh?

  2. apparently. like i said, i don't know what this is about. i was just asked to pass the message on. i think it has something to do with the military tests. shhhh.

  3. Divorce sucks, but farts can be worse.