Wednesday, September 9, 2009

back to school...again

had a great extra long weekend with my folks down in bar harbor. the weather wasn't bad, and we didn't have to do boring stuff all that much. the park had a pretty good skateboard area, so i worked on my cement shooting. it would have been cool if bennie could have come, too, but his folks had other plans, i guess. i did a full pipe and a half pipe without getting any road rash at all. it was toxic.

i got to miss a day of school because we didn't get home until yesterday. not a biggie. my teachers wanted to push me ahead a grade last year and i could have handled it but my folks didn't want me getting ahead of my "peers," which is a fancy word for my homies, I guess. i'm almost caught up already.

i read cell by stephen king cover to cover on the trip. not sure that i'll use that one for school, though, cuz it's about zombies and i'm not sure the teacher'd be cool with that. still, it's about cell phones, so maybe i could put a spin on it like how people who drive and talk on the phone turn into zombies. you dig what i'm saying?


  1. Excited about seeing Stephen King at the Van Wesel in Sarasota, Florida in November. First time he's held anything here, even though he lives here part time. Curious to see if I look as much like him as everyone says.

  2. do you get people stopping you on the street all the time? that could be cool. he lives around here somewhere, i hear.