Saturday, September 19, 2009

i'm up, world. look out!

i'm not a morning person. not on weekends, for sure. my dad got me up at 11. i was having this dream, too. bummer. i can't write about it here, because it's kinda embarrassing, but it was toxic.

i'm trying to decide what to do for halloween this year. it's a big deal around here. there's always a parade and festival. we get a lot of people from away who come to town because of the fall leaves. folks are pretty cool about treats, too. my friend norrie doesn't even have to dress up. she could just go as her goth self. she took a faceload of stitches when she ledged out in oxford last year and it looked awesome. maybe i could just draw some stitches on my face and go as a board banger, but that would be sorta lame, doncha think?

i'm all set to play some bball with my homies, but my mom wants me to pick up my room, which is like the lamest job ever. i try to tell her i know where everything is, but she doesn't listen. bummer. catchya later, doods. and dood-ettes.


  1. Hey, Joe. Just thought I'd let you know that I mentioned your blog on my blog. If you see Steve, tell him I said hello.

  2. thx for the linkage, crash. which steve do you mean? i know a couple of 'em. are you from around here, too?

  3. I'm from the small town of Tonganoxie, Kansas, but I live in Greece right now.

  4. greece--whoa, that's like on the other side of the world. wow.