Thursday, September 17, 2009

secret messages

any of you guys watch fringe? i don't really dig all that secret government conspiracy sh-t, but i like this show. i surfed up some pretty cool info about it that i didn't know before. those funny fruits and veggies and flowers they show before commercials are really a secret code! i'm not goofin' witcha. each one stands for a different letter and if you put all the letters together each week, you get a word. one week, the code word was "codes." how awesome is that? you have to pay close attention, because there are dots and things that change which letter it means, but once you know the lookup table, it's easy as doing an ollie.

the old guy, walter, is pretty rad. he comes up with the trippiest things to say. and olivia, well, we all know what web site we'd like to see her on, right ben-arino?

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