Wednesday, September 23, 2009

you're not trying very hard!

social studies teacher must have the swine flu. two days in a row she's been out sick. the sub is making us read a chapter out of the textbook about reconstruction. not like we couldn't read that at home. oh, well. gives me some spare time to surf the net. i'll bet my friend bennie is doing the same thing, even without a sub, checking out that page he's always going on and on about. ben-a-rino, the old hound dog.

so, anyone figure out the secret on the chester's mill middle school page yet? c'mon, gang, it's not rocket science! okay, so you have to do something you wouldn't normally do to a web page. pretend it's a car and look under the hood. check the oil. get your hands dirty, if you dig what i'm saying.

watcha watching on teevee this fall? i get to watch one show each night, so i have to choose carefully. i'd love to watch castle because nathan fillion rocks. firefly, anyone? it's on too late, though. maybe i can find it online somewhere.


  1. Hey Joe! I'm cool with it. Keep it up and fight the powers that be! Only one show to watch...that would have to be Fringe. Use HULU to watch the rest.

  2. hmmm ok got it thanks!!! so Sai King Like u r!!

  3. How 'bout i slap u ....19 ;-)

    so 19 this is!!!

    Sai Kings fans would know 19...right doods and Doodettes?

    cheers all!

  4. Awesome job Joe, keep 'em coming! We'll keep a constant watch.

  5. Do you have to watch Fringe to crack the code? I found the secret message, now I just got to figure out the "lookup table"

  6. Pretty cool!! I deciphered the secret message. Thanks to rjt65!

  7. Hey Joe,

    "social studies teacher must have the swine flu" - not really. She is - believe it or not - here in Berlin, Germany. I'm one of the wardens in - hmmm - let's call it an institution for mentally instable people.

    She can't say how she got here or why - she is kind of out of her mind. She always babbles something about October 21st, evacuating Chester's Mill before that day and so on... - but no hint why the heck she got to Germany and what for. She had been wandering around the airport not knowing who or why she was.

    Any ideas?

  8. Hey Jow what does this mean?
    fhlm xqvxeexgm! ftchk ikhil mh tee rhn whhw tgw whhwxmmxl yhk zxmmbgz mabl ytk. by rhn'kx vhhe pbma bm, b'ee tww lxvkxm fxlltzxl bg hmaxk itzxl tl b phkd hg max lbmx. max ihpxkl matm ux pbee gxoxk dghp!!

    tepdqedzw mzq

  9. @bobireland1: study my previous entries for clues!

    @Günter J. Matthia: that's whack! germany! i guess she got loose, 'cos she's back in class today!

    @Ceeece!: nope -- you don't need the fringe code to solve it. but you already know that, dontcha?

  10. Well, she didn't get loose, we just didn't know what to do with her. Now you guys need to deal with her.
    I still wonder what she meant with her October 21st babble.
    Anyway, have a good time there in Chester's Mill, I'll keep reading.

  11. Iextlx dxxi twwbgz max lxvkxm fxlltzxl. Mabl bl mhmteer tplhfx!

  12. I figured out the secret too the web page. gunna have to do that on mine.
    looking forward to the next msg!

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