Friday, September 18, 2009


i was varsity basketball last year, so i guess i had to go out again this year. i'm 6 foot 2 so i'm gonna be the center no matter what. just cuz i'm tall doesn't mean coach isn't going to bust my, um, basketballs, so i gotta work at it. i have this problem, tho. once i get good at something, i loose interest. i could beat my dad at chess by the time i was six. my mom took a couple of years longer. i need someone to challenge me. any takers?

i have to laugh at the tinfoil hat folks on fringe, but when you get right down to it, if you see a lot of horsesh-t then there's probably a pony somewhere in the neighborhood! i think it's a drag what happened to charlie, cuz you know he ain't ever gonna be right again. peter is cool--they throw all this weird-ass stuff at him and he just shrugs it off. i'm not sure what i'd do if something seriously weird like that ever happened to me. probably freak.

did you get the secret word spelled out in last night's episode?

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