Friday, September 25, 2009

tgif doods!

hey, everyone, it's fuh-fuh-friday at last! whatcha got goin' on for the weekend? i think my mom has a bunch of stuff for us to do around the yard. raking--why bother? there'll just be more leaves tomorrow? maybe i can invent something for my next science fair project that takes care of leaves when they fall. turns them into mulch on contact with the ground. that would be toxic.

i'm getting some help with the middle school web site. turns out someone heard all my barking and moaning. there's this dood steven raconteur who's gonna be my mentor. he knows a lot about web sites, but he's also good at getting people to deliver content. i mean, who listens to a kid? but an adult commands respect. it's not fair, but that's the way things are. sometimes you can "subvert the dominant paradigm" (i have a bumper sticker that says that. i love it because most people don't know what it means!!) and sometimes the dominant paradigm subverts you. the trick is to know the difference, right?

picking a stephen king book to read when i get finished with lord of the flies is hard. everyone's got a different suggestion. dood writes so many books! seriously. maybe i should start with his first one. it's about a teenager. a girl, but that's okay. some girls are chill. just don't ask me to name any names.

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