Tuesday, September 29, 2009

keepin' on keepin' on

so i'm trying to get together with that mentor guy who's supposed to help me out with the web site, but he's one seriously busy dood, i guess.

great news -- my dad decided to advance my allowance, so now i can go back to burpee's after school and pick up carrie. i did mention that i picked that as the next book to read, right? i know i said that somewhere. too lazy to check back over my old posts -- lol! maybe i can get a discount. the guy that runs the place has a sign that says "every day is sale day at burpee's."

gotta get to my next class -- geometry. i love it. some of my homies are complaining about how hard it is, but i could do geometry all day long.


  1. Just a quick recommendation on a great King read from a fellow PXU WXOXEHIXK...

    The Long Walk (written as Richard Bachman) stands out as my favorite King novel, as it has given me the most nightmares. I think you would dig it.


  2. enjoy geometry while you still can. math wont be the hardest obstacle in your life pretty soon.

  3. @ericmurrell and Joe...

    Maybe it's a web developer thing, but Long Walk is my favorite Stephen King story as well, even though he didn't put his name on the cover.