Monday, September 28, 2009


hey, doods. how's it hangin? (that's a sk8tr term, by the way, so get your mind out of the gutter.)

i finished lord of the flies this weekend. sick book. when that navy dood showed up at the end, man, what a trip. would kids really act like that, you think? hard to believe, but maybe it's true. i mean, if people didn't believe it could happen, it wouldn't be a book they give us to read in school, after all.

my homie bennie came over on saturday and helped me with the yard work so we could hang out for the rest of the day. i owe him, big time. we shot some hoops, did some sweet tricks. survived the day without a scratch. i think bennie was disappointed. he'd like to get stitches some day to prove he's a ripper with steeze and not a sketchy poser.

found a copy of carrie over at burpee's department store on saturday. now all i have to do is save up some cash to buy it. i could check it out from the library, but the old lady who runs the checkout desk might not let me have it. i read the first coupla pages and there are naked girls in it. awesome!


  1. you should see the movie. talk about naked chicks. Woohoo! anyway its a pretty good flick too, check it out.

  2. oh yeah. the books better than the movie so be sure to still read it.