Thursday, September 3, 2009

school stuff

so, they send us back to school and then turn around and give us a long weekend, like right away. whose bright idea was that? way to stick with the program. i think my parents want to go camping, maybe down to bar harbor. i know my dad just wants to check out a different bunch of flea markets. he's always looking for furniture to refurbish. if you don't hear from me for a few days (yeah, i'm looking at you bennie, and you too norrie) utter a prayer to the deity of your choice that the mosquitoes don't get me.

classes are pretty cool so far. i got into this debate with my english teacher about our reading list. i told her we should be reading stephen king. i read three of his books this summer (the shining, the dead zone and bag of bones) and i gotta read more. this dude is seriously creepy, but in a good way. she told me i could get special credit if i wrote a paper about one of his books. at least she didn't shut me down. what's really neat is that he's from maine.

computer class is the best, even though they never really teach you all the coolest stuff. the super secret sh-- you have to learn on your own. after he caught me disabling the parental controls on my computer, the teacher said i should probably volunteer to work on the school web site. seriously. volunteer? people get paid to do that. if i play my cards right, maybe they'll fork over enough so i can get my iphone that way. worth a try, right?


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