Thursday, September 24, 2009

frost on the pumpkins

that's something my grandpa used to say when it got cold--there's gonna be frost on the pumpkins tonight.

cold weather helps the leaves turn color, they say (i'll have to look that up. maybe it's just an urban legend), and people around here love the fall leaves. that's what brings tourists, and tourists bring money and they leave some of it behind. (get it? "leave" it behind? hahaha)

i'm still thinking about what stephen king book to read for school. someone suggested the talisman, and it sounds really cool. a guy about my age goes on a quest across the country, like frodo. anyone else read that one? i'm working on lord of the flies for school right now. it's toxic.

one of the really neat things about the internet--you hear from people all over. i had a comment today from a guy in berlin, germany. that's awesome. he said something strange about my social studies teacher that i couldn't quite figure out though. maybe it got lost in the translation. the teacher is back today, by the way. wasn't swine flu. false alarm. someone got married, that's all.

some of you are doing a great job figuring out my little puzzle. i'm trying to drop a few clues to lend you a hand without giving too much away. here's my big clue for today--you have to look in places you don't normally look, and maybe click on things in your web browser that you don't usually click on. wysiwyg is cool, but it's not the rule, if you dig my meaning. by the way, what browser does everyone use? i have safari on my powerbook pro.

for those of you who solved the puzzle--remember how you did it. there's something you might need again later. that's all i'm sayin. you can shove needles under my fingernails and i'll never talk. (i'll scream and yell, but i won't talk!!!)


  1. hey Joe whatcha know ;-)

    I use firefox on my work laptop (explorer when i have too for some work stuff)and Safari on the home IMAC (kids dominate that machine)

    more kewl mssgs yay!

  2. Hey Joe,

    THE book to read is The Stand, still after all these years Stephen King's best novel. Don't let him know, he might not like to hear that.
    I read all the books he has written (I'm 54 years old, so you can imagine that I had enough time) and there is only one single bad book: Hearts in Atlantis. Everything else is good or very good or excellent, and The Stand tops all the others.
    The Stand might be a bit too long for a school project though, if you want something shorter: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Or pick one or two of the short stories in Just After Sunset. If those are not long enough: Take a look at Desperation (there's a cool kid approximately your age in it) or Lisey's Story or a classic like Christine... - all these are among the best.

    Have a great day!

  3. I agree that the Stand is one of his best, but don't believe Hearts in Atlantis is a bad book. It's actually the one I suggest some people read as a gateway book into Stephen King. By the way, figured out your message dood!

  4. Joe,

    Start from the beginning with "Carrie". You'll find his older stuff the best. My personal favs are: The Shining, Salem's Lot, IT, Misery, The Eyes of the Dragon, Pet Sematary and The Talisman. But stay far away from Tommyknockers.

  5. Heya Joe! :)

    Madam Mack asked me to check out your blog. And i find it coool.!!! :) I also have a blog, a school requirement, uh. And I need visitors... You might want to visit it though there are no SK-related stuff there yet...

    Anyway, I stopped reading The Stand because I want to get the uncut version... They kept on saying its the best but so far, all books that i've read were all cooool. :) Now im reading Bag of Bones and am enjoying it! You might want to start reading Talisman becuase its soo long. Haha. But its really good too. :)

    I hope you can visit my blog sometime and even leave a comment! That would be sooo appreciated! Thanks joe! :)

    Judy :)

  6. I agree with The Stand being the best with The Dark Tower series running a close second, but I will chime in also by saying I don't think Hearts in Atlantis is a bad book. In some ways, it's departure from SK just because of the...well, innocence that I feel is an undercurrent.

    Got the message too, dood!

  7. Hi Joe I think you chose the right book to begin your journey with SK. Im a grandma and I remember my son begining his love affair with SK and Carrie did the business. The Talisman is a wounderful experience and you should go there soon.

  8. @denise: talisman is definitely on my list. this isn't my first king book, though. i read a couple of other ones. my dad had bag of bones, so i read that one, and i read cell when we went camping a few weeks ago. i also read the dead zone and the shining.