Monday, September 21, 2009


we, the undersigned, hereby petition the Chester's Mill selectmen, or congress or whoever is in charge of such things, to outlaw mondays. amen and hallelujah.

had a great weekend. played some ball, banged the board around the half-pipe, went to oxford speedway with my dad for the flea market. he let me pick out a new (used) bookcase for my room. he's going to refinish it, which is kinda like his hobby. keeps him out of trouble, my mom says. i thought i was gonna skate on the household chores, but mom came down on me like a hammer yesterday. when she stops calling me joey (no, you can't call me that--only she does) i know she's for real serious.

i've been hanging out over at stephen king's message board lately. today's his birthday, they say. i gotta read up some more about that dood. i mean, i like his books, but i know nothing about him at all, except he's from maine. who would guess that some big rich famous dood would live around here? i even read that someone wanted to make a movie out of one of his books here, bag of bones, but the state didn't cough up enough money so they're going somewhere else. major, major bummer. i coulda been an extra or something. my big chance, gone. anyhow, wikipedia, here i come.


  1. Take each day as a gift, Joe...even if it's a Monday. I've got a weird feeling, call it a hunch, that very soon you'll wish for your worst Mondays over the days that are coming.

  2. um -- i've been getting a lot of that lately. creepy!

  3. Keep hanging around the SK message board-I like your blogs.