Wednesday, September 16, 2009

small towns

i don't really like country music much, but people around here sure do. that and religious stuff, since we've got this monster radio transmitter out on a road whose name i'm not supposed to say cuz it has the word b*tch in it. that's pretty hilarious, don't you think? a church on a road with that address. it must drive the preacher bonkers to have to say it to people.

everyone's always talking about this song by this old dood james mcmurtry. i guess his dad's famous or something. anyhow, his song is supposed to describe what it's like to live in a place like this. i never lived anywhere else, so it's hard to say. it is small. we used to have a movie theater, but it closed. we don't have any golden arches or other places like that, but we do have sweetbriar rose on main street. lewiston isn't that far away if we need stuff or someone has to have one of those tight coffees everyone's always going on about. we even have a dirty book store. right, benny? right?

Chester's Mill seems huge to me. it takes forever to get from our place out to food city on the other side of town, mostly because i like going off into the woods instead of taking the roads. the woods, man, i could just go on and  on forever out there. it's like being on another planet.

i know everybody in town, too, and i do mean everybody, which can be a bad thing, cuz they all know me, too, and if i get into trouble, well...

speaking of trouble, i better get off this computer or the teacher's going to skin me alive. sometimes the POWERS THAT BE must be obeyed.


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean about small towns. I grew up in one too. At least you have that smokin new wifi to branch out of Chester's Mill!

  2. yeah, it's totally rad. of course, my mom and dad complain that i'm on the computer all the time, which is totally not true.

  3. I grew up in a small town too. Everybody knows everybody's business and you know there's always the town gossip!

  4. Yeah, sometimes they must. let's make sure it doesn't happen too often *grin*

  5. There's a saying we have here:

    Small town = Big hell.