Tuesday, September 22, 2009

webslave is more like it

i am so late today. i got tangled up with this webmaster job at school. the history teacher was sick and we had a sub so i got out of class to go work on the school's web page. well, try to work, that is. i officially hate being a webmaster. i mean, i got all these great ideas, but no one wants to give me any content, so all i did during my free period was run from one end of the school to the other and back again, looking for this dood and that dood.

long story short. i got one page done. big whoop.

anyhow, here it is: chester's mill middle school. impressive, no? none of the links work yet. maybe someday. like 2020 or 2030, which is when i figure those guys will get their frickin' act together. how hard can it be? really?

do i sound a little peeved? well, maybe i am. i did have a little bit of fun while i was at it, though. that's what happens if you give me free time and a computer! run your eyeballs over my old posts to find clues to the secret. couldn't make it too easy, though, so i switched things up a bit. take your best shot, doods!

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