Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bummer! nobody gets eaten

on my way to school this morning i stopped at the town common to check out the new story king is giving away at his website. i have to tell you, man, this free wifi is the real deal. it's blazing fast. much faster than the rinky dink dsl we had at home before WiMAX.

the cannibals is pretty cool, except i was disappointed nobody got eaten. i guess that comes later in the book, the part we're not allowed to see. a bunch of people get trapped in an apartment building. the doors won't open. that's not so bad at first, i guess, though folx are getting pretty antsy to leave for work. but imagine what it would be like if they were stuck in there for, like, days or even weeks?

one part i didn't understand -- they had to go upstairs to the super's office to make a call. in real life, everyone would just whip out their cell phones and blackberries and iphones, maybe even boot up their computers.

the babe at the end sounds pretty hot, but i'm guessin' that she's a prude or something on account of how she's always praying.

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