Tuesday, September 1, 2009

back to school

summer's over? already? man, what happened? when i'm PRESIDENT, i'm gonna make summers longer. he can do that, can't he?

what sucks is the blog i started last year is gone. into the bit bucket. it was on the school server and they wiped it all out over the summer. no backup, either. so, this is me, starting from scratch. drag.

big question: do i play basketball this year? everyone expects me to, because i'm tall and all, but i dunno if i want to. so, tell me what you think, peeps. not you, bennie. i already know what you think. mostly about visiting biwp dot com, you dog.

hey, break's over, so i gotta zoom. english class. wonder what cool sh-- we'll be reading this year.

Later, doods.