Tuesday, November 10, 2009

how do you spell optimistic?

there seems to be a lot of activity among the head honcho doods in town today. i'm not really sure what's going on. my buddy dale barbie isn't saying much. he's spending a lot of time on his cell phone. he has this number he keeps calling that is in area code 000 and that is just weird. creepy weird.

my other buddy, steve ranconteur, is what you might call an eternal optimist. he's decided that we're going to get out of here one of these days, and he was hired to work on the town's web site, and that's just what he's going to do. he's got a good generator at his place, so he still has enough power for his computer and he can access the web servers. today he updated some new content on the chester's mill web site, so you might want to check those pages out. i admire a guy who takes a job like that seriously even though we have all this other sh!t going on.

i heard that a bunch of famous reporters are holed up in castle rock, hoping to cover the story, but the army is still keeping them away.


  1. Wow, your friend Steve really has been busy. The site looks great. I love those shirts that Burpee's sells, by the way. Too cool!

  2. Got your email... looking forward to seeing what tricks you have up your sleeve. Glad you still have the password!

  3. Hi Joe

    Look, don't even think about the whole Hero thing - leave that for others to decide. You just focus in doing what you think and feel you need to do. For the most part heroes are not exactly something one aspires to be with any success. Having said that, though, you do remind me of the gunslinger in a book series by Stephen King - trying to defend and restore a state of the world it had "moved on" from, even as the world as he experienced it while on his quest became more and more difficult to fit into his idea of that "lost state of things".

    What is it like looking at what is going on in the world outside your bubble for you? When things of such import and threatening nature is happening right around you, how does the affairs of the greater world seem to you?
    It baffles me how easy it is for people to be distracted by things going on in the "big world" to the point when what is going on very close by goes unnoticed, especially when so many are invested in steering people's attention to whatever serves their purposes.
    Do you feel you are getting enough attention?

  4. M-O-O-N - that spells Optimistic. Sorry, as a Stephen King fan, I couldn't resist that.

    Take care out there!

  5. checked out the site today. looks really swell. job well done.


  6. You still alive, Joe? You haven't tweeted or posted in ages now. Still have some tricks up your sleeve?

  7. Talk about escaping into an alternate reality. Wow!