Wednesday, November 4, 2009

failure to launch

doods...and doodettes! i wrote a long blog post about the military experiments and the whole thing got ganked. by THE MAN of course. guess they don't want the world to know the details of what they're working on here. double dratsabs! so, i guess for now i'll have to stay away from subjects like b0mbs and m!ss!les and sh!t like that! ;)

i remembered that i still had the login information for the school web site, so i went in this morning and left you a new message. (attention military types: no, it's not something you need to worry your helmeted little heads over.)

of course, we're all pretty frazzled around here because of the stress and the shortages and the (b0mbs) and sh!t, so i totally spazzed and messed up the first time. so, if you're one of those clever clogs who goes poking around and finding stuff on your own -- phthththt! try again! anyhow, my bad, and i got it right now. do the math, that's all i'm saying.

i still owe you doods a story about the halloween party and ... wait for it ... my first kiss. but i got newspapers to deliver and conspiracies to participate in, so it'll have to wait until later. rock on, doods--and keep us in your thoughts. we are officially out of lettuce.


  1. Coming from a fellow web developer, you're one sneaky coder :-) Looking forward to further instructions!

    Take your time typing it out next time ;-)

  2. Ummmmm....How bout them Yankee's? Was it 27 or 28 World Championships? I lose track at times.

    Will twitter let you see the parade down the Canyon of Heroes?

    This one was for the Boss. Wish you had a Stienbrenner don't you? LOL

    All is finally right with the world again. The WS Trophy resides in the Bronx!!!!!!!!