Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hanging in

yo, doods. thanks for keepin' the faith. i haven't been online much lately because we're having to ration power. we've been leeching off the doods next door, but people are starting to run low on propane for the gennies. i'm not sure what will happen to us after it's all gone. we're still stuck under this stoopid dome, and nothing the government has tried so far has worked.

they're letting friends and relatives come to the dome on thursday for thanksgiving, but all we'll be able to do is look at them--and them at us. it's good to see dad, but it sucks that he can't really be here...or that we can't really be there, on the outside with him. if we ever get out from under this dome, i hope my folks decide to move away from here because i'm getting majorly sick of this stoopid town.

don't want to be a buzz kill folks, but i only have a few minutes of juice here and i wanted to say hey to everyone who has been staying in touch and asking questions and sh!t like that. i'll try to get back witcha again after the visit.


  1. Here's hoping you can give us one final update from inside before the power goes out completely. Keep us posted if you can :-)